Nagaland: Nagalim Government Accuses Indian Intelligence of Social Media Propaganda

Northeast Desk, 27th May: The Ministry of Information and Publicity of the Government of the People’s Republic of Nagalim has accused Indian intelligence agencies of conducting a sophisticated social media propaganda campaign against the National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN). The ministry claims that these agencies are using deceptive tactics to incite tribal conflicts and undermine the unity of the NSCN.

The ministry’s statement highlights a concerning trend of provocative articles circulating on social media, allegedly written by fictitious Naga individuals. These articles are purportedly aimed at exploiting tribal sensitivities to create discord within the NSCN. One such article, titled “MUIVAH IS A PROBLEM, NOT THE SOLUTION,” was followed by another counter-article, “RENDERING POLITICAL EDUCATION TO ZAVISITUO ANGAMI,” both supposedly penned under a fake Tangkhul name.

The NSCN asserts that these articles maliciously invoke the names of revered Naga leaders AZ Phizo and Th Muivah to deepen tribal rifts between the Angamis and Tangkhuls. The organization denounces this strategy as a vile manipulation of Naga history and sentiment.

“The irony is we could see through the carefully considered social media strategy with the filthiest purposes, the most disgusting kind of propaganda that played with the sanctity of Naga national leaders,” the statement reads. It underscores the critical roles of AZ Phizo and Th Muivah in the Naga political struggle, crediting Phizo with declaring Naga independence and Muivah with securing significant political recognition through the 2015 Framework Agreement with the Government of India.

The NSCN warns the Naga people against falling prey to these divisive tactics and reaffirms its commitment to the Naga cause. “Nagas wouldn’t be naïve enough to be carried away by misleading communal divisive propaganda waged by Indian intelligence agency to erode the NSCN,” the statement concludes.

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