Assam: Over 100 vultures found dead in Kamrup district

Guwahati: At least 100 endangered vultures were found dead in Kamrup district of Assam on Thursday.

The incident took place in the Milanpur under the Chaygaon police station of the district.

As per reports, the vultures apparently ate a goat carcass, and forest officials believe the vultures died after consuming poisoned food.

According to the Assam Forest Department, almost 100 vultures were found dead, with many more gravely injured. Doctors and field personnel are doing everything they can to help the critically ill.

We found goat bones among the vultures’ carcasses. The vultures were thought to have died after consuming the poisoned goat carcass. However, the cause of death will be discovered in the post-mortem report. The person who mixed poison into the goat carcass committed a major crime, and we will prosecute them, official added.

At least 97 vultures have been confirmed deceased, with another 12 vultures and one eagle in need of medical attention.

Meanwhile, authorities are awaiting the results of the post-mortem examination to determine the exact cause of the vultures’ deaths.

Sharing the news on Twitter, Assam Forest department wrote, “About 100 vultures have been found dead and many critical at Milanpur, Chaiygaon. The doctors and field staffs are trying their best to treat the critical ones”.

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