Assam: Tension Mounts at Tezpur’s Mahabhairav Cooperative Urban Bank Over Unpaid Deposits

Guwahati, 1st April: A tense atmosphere enveloped the Mahabhairav Cooperative Urban Bank in Tezpur as frustrated customers voiced their grievances over the institution’s failure to repay deposited funds. Among the disgruntled voices was a local, expressing frustration and anger towards the bank’s repeated false promises.

“The bank keeps giving us false promises. They initially said I’d receive the money in January, then February, and now they’re talking about March. They keep pushing the dates. When I asked for written proof, they refused to provide any documentation. When questioned about where the money went, they remain silent. I’ve saved 1.5 lakhs, and it’s been more than 3 months without receiving anything. They keep saying RBI will send it, but we don’t even know who RBI is. We entrusted our hard-earned money to them, and now they’re failing us. We’re poor people, and this money means a lot to us,” expressed the local, reflecting the sentiments of many affected customers.

The situation at the bank escalated as customers, particularly senior citizens, voiced their outcry over the non-repayment of their deposits, citing the Reserve Bank’s policy. The bank manager, amidst the heated atmosphere, attempted to pacify the customers’ concerns.

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