Chhatisgarh Potter makes ‘Magic Lamps’ that burn for 24 hours, flooded with Diwali Orders

A Chhattisgarh-based potter has designed an earthen lamp that can burn for 24 hours. Ashok Chakradhari, from Kondagaon in Bastar District, has been flooded with orders for the lamp ahead of Diwali, reports The Better India. The potter has been trending on social media for reviving traditional lamps that can burn continuously for 24 to 40 hours. The flow of oil is circulated automatically in the lamps made by Mr Chakradhari. The lamps, which have been labeled ‘magic lamps’, feature a diya, a dome-shaped reservoir to hold the oil and a tube-like structure to hold the reservoir over the lamp’s base.

The idea of sculpting a lamp that can burn for hours came to Mr Chakradhari after watching a video on YouTube. “I am always on the lookout for new ideas that can challenge my pottery skills, and be a useful innovation for those around me,” says the 62-year-old.

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