Female Beggar Used To Return Home In Luxury Car After Begging

Guwahati: On the way, if you see a female begging for money, you will feel pity on her. But, when you come to know that the beggar to whom you are giving money is actually a millionaire? One such case has come to the fore from the United Arab Emirates.

Here the police have recovered a lot of money from a female beggar. Not only this, a luxury car was also found with the woman, from which she used to return home every day after begging.

However, the female beggar owning a luxury car was arrested by the Abu Dhabi Police.

The woman used to beg in front of the city’s mosques daily and used to go back home in her luxury car. When a person suspected the woman of begging, informed the police.

A resident of Abu Dhabi suspected that the woman was begging in mosques in the area. After this, that person lodged a report with the police. The police monitored it, after which the police got shocking information.

The woman used to beg in different mosques of the city throughout the day. After begging, she used to walk long distances. When the police chased her, it came to know that she has an expensive luxury car which she drives and goes home after begging. When the police caught her, a lot of cash was recovered from her possession, which was later seized. Police has taken strict action against the woman.

It needs to be mentioned that UAE police have arrested 159 beggars from November to December.

Begging is illegal and a crime in UAE. Police have been reminding people to donate to registered charity organizations. If someone is caught begging, they can be fined up to AED 5000 and are jailed for three months. Beggar handlers are given stricter punishments; they are fined AED 100,000 and are jailed for nearly six months.

Begging online is also illegal in UAE. It is a crime to ask for money on social media, via text messages, emails, or other online platforms.

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