Guwahati: Husband Arrested Over Allegations of Wife’s Murder Related to Dowry

Guwahati, 14th September: The Guwahati city police have arrested Nilim Medhi, the husband of a woman who was recently found hanging at their residence near the Bora Service area in Lachit Nagar. The woman’s family alleged that their daughter was murdered over dowry and stated that she had been driven to take her own life due to continuous harassment over dowry demands by her in-laws.

Nilim Medhi was taken into custody on Thursday morning and will soon be presented before a court for further proceedings. The incident was reported on the night of September 12 when the woman, Bhagyalaxmi Duara, was found hanging inside her room. She had locked herself in her room at around 9 pm and did not emerge, according to information received.

The arrest highlights the serious issue of dowry-related harassment and violence against women in some parts of India and the need for addressing such cases with urgency and sensitivity.

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